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ASD officers and Executive Committee (ExCom) members are avocational and professional archaeologists.
Officers and ExCom members volunteer their time to the organization.
Meetings are held on the first Monday of every month in Dover Delaware.
All ASD members are invited to attend monthly meetings.

By-Laws of The Archaeological Society of Delaware


Craig Lukezic, President                         craig.lukezic@state.de.us

Alice Guerrant, Secretary                       alice.guerrant@state.de.us

John McCarthy, Treasurer                      john.mccarthy@state.de.us

Executive Committee

Dawn Cheshaek, President Maritime Chapter     chsh8kd@verizon.net

Bill Liebeknecht, The Bulletin Editor                         bliebeknecht@dovetailcrg.com

Steve Cox, President Kent Chapter                       stcrossroads2@juno.com

Dan Griffith, Member-At-Large                            danielgriffith@comcast.net

Heidi Krofft, Membership Secretary                     heidi.krofft@state.de.us

Ed Otter, Inksherds Editor                                     eotter20@comcast.net

Joan Parsons, President New Castle Chapter       joan_parsons@elwyn.org

Gary Schmidt, President Sussex Chapter             sethsfolly@att.net

Jill Showell, Web Editor                                           jillynjhango@aol.com

Faye Stocum, ESAF Representative                     faye.stocum@state.de.us