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Excavations have resumed at Wildcat Manor. Over the winter a substantial portion of the laboratory work was completed. A foundation has been found beneath the existing house with late 18th century material in the fill on top of it. Nearer to the river, a warehouse has been found. The foundation is being uncovered and the dimensions of this structure will soon be determined.

Contact Dawn Cheshaek chsh8kd@verizon.net or Craig Lukezic craig.lukezic@state.de.us  if you are interested in participating and for upcoming dates.  digwildcat@gmail.com

The Search for Forest Landing at Wildcat Mansion

Please join us if you want to learn or help out. This year, we will be looking for the remains of Forest Landing, the early landing that served Dover and Camden from the late 17th century to the mid 19th century.

The site is protected as a public property, along the banks of the Saint Jones River. Local lore places Wildcat Manor as an important link in the Underground Railroad. The Town of Camden, just a few miles to the west, was a center of Quaker abolitionist and Underground Railroad activity. The Forest Landing/Wildcat Manor was the main port area that connected Camden to the Delaware Bay, and thus, to freedom in Philadelphia.

UPDATE: 10-13-15

60 Shovel Tests have been excavated this field season. These cover most of the front lawn south of the house. Besides the previously identified brick deposit down by the water, seven additional features have been identified in the subsoil. Grid is in place to excavate an additional 60 plus shoveltests in the lawn around the house and in the woods to the north and east of the house. Our pace has been between one and three teams per day, excavating five to seven holes per team, two days per week.

Link to Steve Cox Blog about Forest Landing