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Congratulations Dawn Cheshaek
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BROCHURE OF 2015 ACTIVITIES Download (.pdf)

Maritime Chapter

The Maritime chapter meets with Sussex County. Activities for the

coming year include a field school in underwater archaeology.


10 May - 13 May map Rev War longboat

14 May - 15 May mag and map Shipping Point

15 May - 16 May map Potomac to Tall Timbers

17 May - 19 May mag Tulip, U-1105, &c

23 May - 8 July map Dunmore area

9 July - 10 July field school class, pool

11 July - 15 July Dunmore

16 July - 17 July field school in-water

18 July - 29 July Dunmore

30 July? - 2 Sep Chesapeake Bay

Anyone interested in participating should contact Dawn Cheshaek for

more information chsh8kd@verizon.net

The Maritime Chapter of ASD supports the Delaware Division of Historical and Cultural Affairs through reconnaissance and assessment of submerged historic sites in Delaware waters. Fieldwork involves no-impact "Phase I" reconnaissance by remote sensors and divers. Sites are not disturbed. Material is not recovered. All site data, especially locations and identities, are kept confidential and are reported only to the state.

Reconnaissance areas include the ocean, Delaware Bay, Delaware River, and smaller rivers, some with low visibility, currents, or surge. Divers must be comfortable and competent in the conditions they undertake. We encourage divers to obtain archaeological training and advanced dive training from colleges, graduate schools, dive training agencies, the Institute of Maritime History, or other agencies.

For the most part, our work is voluntary and unfunded. Members provide their own dive gear, and share project expenses. Expenses may be tax deductible.

Past Projects

2000 When known as the Delaware Marine Archaeological Society, we surveyed a shipwreck that washed ashore on Beach Plum Island. This project was in collaboration with the Delaware Division of Parks and Recreation, the Maryland Historical Trust, and the Maritime Archaeological and Historical Society.

During the winter of 2004, We assisted with the collection of artifacts from the beach at Roosevelt Inlet in Lewes. The artifacts had been deposited from a shipwreck that was impacted by a beach replenishment dredge operation. Many of our members volunteered with Delaware Division of Historical and Cultural Affairs and the Sussex Chapter of the ASD to process the artifacts for the entire project.

2006 We surveyed the historic harbor at New Castle, in collaboration with the Institute of Maritime History (IMH), Delaware Division of Historical and Cultural Affairs, and the support of the City of New Castle.

2007 We surveyed the inner harbor at Lewes in collaboration with IMH and Delaware Division of Historical and Cultural Affairs with the support of the City of Lewes and the University of Delaware

2009 We finished the inner harbor and started the outer harbor at Lewes, as well as scanned some charted wrecks in the Broadkill River.

2010 and 2011 We assisted IMH in surveys in Maryland and Virginia:
- The Potomac River off Mount Vernon with the support of the Mount Vernon Ladies' Association and the Maryland Historical Trust,
- The Aquia River for Stafford County VA, funded by the National Park Service,
- Civil War wrecks at Quantico VA for the U.S. Marine Corps,
- War of 1812 wrecks in the Patuxent River for the Maryland Historical Trust and the U.S. Naval History and Heritage Command.

2012  We collaborated with IMH, the Swedish Colonial Society and the University of Delaware in the search for Fort Elfsborg, a 17th century Swedish fort, in or on the Delaware River, for the Delaware Division of Historical and Cultural Affairs and the New Jersey Bureau of Archaeology and Ethnography. While there, we also searched for three Revolutionary War shipwrecks near Philadelphia.  The primary target was the Andrew Doria.

2013  We assisted IMH in their return to Quantico Creek to map known Civil War wrecks, as well as their return to Mount Vernon to dive on targets previously identified by sonar.

2014   Mallows Bay on the Maryland side has many wooden hulls of WWI transport ships that were scrapped after the war. Some drifted across to the Virginia side to a place called Widewater. An effort to identify the hull type of as many of these as possible were made. Roper operated out of Hope Springs Marina in Stafford, VA.
         An attempt to map the Civil War Confederate gunboat George Page wreck in Quantico Creek took place. Roper anchored in Quantico Creek used a boat ramp on Quantico Marine Base for meeting participants.
Look for the ROV at Zwaanendael and Iron Hill Festivals in May
Coast Day, Lewes, in October

With IMH in Quantico Creek and in the Potomac near Aquia, VA in September thru October, we will continue mapping known Civil War wrecks and begin mapping large wooden WWI steamships which were scrapped after the war.

Possible Future Delaware Projects:

Map the William R. Grace off Cape Henlopen.

Map a partially exposed wreck near Woodland Beach.

Map possible early dike structure in Blackbird Creek.

Additional work in the search for Revolutionary War shipwrecks near Philadelphia.

For more information, email the chapter president, Dawn Cheshaek at
chsh8kd@verizon.net or write to

ASD Maritime Chapter
52 Butterpat Road
Hartly DE 19953