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Wildcat Manor at Forest Landing

During the winter of 2016/2017 a substantial portion of the laboratory work was completed. A foundation was identified beneath the existing house with late 18th century material in the fill on top of it. Nearer to the river, a warehouse foundation was found. The dimensions of this structure were determined.



Shovel Tests were conducted across most of the project location during 2015/2016 field work. Besides the previously identified brick deposit down by the water, seven additional features were identified in the subsoil. 


Contact Dawn Cheshaek chsh8kd@verizon.net or Craig Lukezic craig.lukezic@state.de.us  if you are interested in participating in upcoming Project Wildcat Work.  digwildcat@gmail.com


The site is protected as a public property, along the banks of the Saint Jones River. Local lore places Wildcat Manor as an important link in the Underground Railroad. The Town of Camden, just a few miles to the west, was a center of Quaker abolitionist and Underground Railroad activity. The Forest Landing/Wildcat Manor was the main port area that connected Camden to the Delaware Bay, and thus, to freedom in Philadelphia.

Link to Steve Cox Blog about Forest Landing











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